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16.Apr.2017  Easter Service.
 A welcome lunch party was held for Rev. Ohtani and his family.
1.Apr.2017  Rev. Ohtani Takashi became our pastor.
26.Mar.2017  Rev. Tuang Khan Khup resigned and will be a pastor of Hiroshima Peace Christian Church on April the first.
 We had a farewell party for his family.
12.Mar.2017  Rev.Kitazawa of Fukuyama christian church belonging to the Assemblies of God gave a message.
1.Mar.2017  Lent started.
 In this year the Easter is 16th April.
26.Feb.2017  The service to memorize people who ascended to heaven was held.
12.Feb.2017  The service of praises and testimonies was held.
 Rev.Khup gave a messege at Osaka Shin'ai church.
29.Jan.2017  Rev.Takahashi of Japan Baptist Seminary gave a message.
Afternoon, a hot cake party was held for church school children.
28.Jan.2017  3 students and 2 teachers of Japan Baptist Seminary visited our church and had supper and talked with our members together.
15.Jan.2017  Rev.Kinsai who works in Dharamsala in India gave a message "The mistery of God's power". His wife Chiyomi Misir Kagawa translated it. (Dharamsala is a city in north India where the Dalai Lama's government in exile exists.)
9.Jan.2017  New year service of Naikai Committee of Japan Baptist Union was held and Ms. Kyoko Nakaya gave a message. Afternoon, we had a meeting about survival of churches in aging society with fewer children.
1.Jan.2017  New year day's service was held.
6.Nov.2016  Site was renewed.